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Stitch Graffiti. Unexpected Cross-Stitch

26.12.2014, 20:33
Stitch Graffiti. Unexpected Cross-Stitch скачать Название: Stitch Graffiti. Unexpected Cross-Stitch (2008)
Страниц: 110
Формат: .jpg
Язык: английский
Размер, Mb: 65,1
Краткий обзор:

Книга по вышивке крестом

Old-fashioned ABC samplers are nowhere to be found in this collection of 26 stylish and witty designs that give cross-stitch a forceful new look. Unconventional wall hangings fill the first section of the book and dazzle with their bold colors, unusual lettering, and offbeat quotes from songs, books, movie dialogue, and even truck stop bathrooms. A second group of patterns features intriguing, small designs called "tattoos" to sew on T-shirts, jean jackets, bracelets, and handbags, and a final section shifts to the decoration of household items such as pillows, dish towels, and a cloth-wrapped money jar. Each project is accompanied by commentary explaining the inspiration behind the design, and sidebars offer tips for personalizing the final product by adding beads, dyed fabric backgrounds, or frames made from hardware and found objects. Basic technique demos teach beginners how to form cross-stitches, mix cross-stitch with other embroidery, choose and use embroidery thread, stitch on linen, and work out designs on blank graphs.

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